Urethral Stricture

Results of Uttarbasti

Results of Uttarbasti are assessed clinically and by comparison between pre and post treatment investigations like Urethrography and Uroflometry.

We do an interim uroflowmetry after seven sittings and most of the patients show absolutely normal uroflow, as the stricture opens up almost completely by that time.

Urethrography is recommended after one month of the last sitting as sometimes the procedure or the dye used may cause irritation, if done immediately after the treatment.

The results of Uttarbasti are irrespective of site, size and extent of stricture.

Very rarely some patients may require additional sittings after some years.

According to my experience in this field, Uttarbasti is proving to be a CURE for urethral stricture.

Precautions to be taken after the treatment of Uttarbasti

  • Drink lot of water to keep urine white - just like water
  • Urge of urine should neither be ignored nor forced
  • Avoid unsafe sex
  • Avoid unnecessary catheterization or instrumentation in the urethra
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