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What is urethra?

Ans: Urethra is a tube that communicates the urinary bladder to the outside of the body for the passage of urine. In males, the urethra travels through the penis and carries urine as well as semen. In females, the urethra is shorter and opens above the vaginal opening.

What is urethral stricture?

Ans: Abnormal narrowing of the urethral lumen, mainly due to fibrosis of the inner skin of urethra causing difficulty for the passage of urine is called Urethral stricture. Sometimes the flow of urine is completely stopped resulting in complete retention of urine.

Is urethral stricture curable with medicinal treatment only?

Ans: No.

Is urethral stricture curable?

Ans: Yes, Uttarbasti is proving to be a CURE for urethral stricture.

What is Uttarbasti?

Ans: Uttarbasti – A highly specialized Ayurvedic urological procedure……READ MORE

Is the procedure of Uttarbasti painful?

Ans: Minimal or no pain, sometimes little discomfort is felt by the patient.

Is anesthesia required for the procedure of Uttarbasti?

Ans: No.

Are there any chances of introducing any kind of infection while pushing the medicine into the urethra?

Ans: Procedure is carried out by an expert, under all aseptic precautions and sterilized medicine is used, so there are no chances of introducing any kind infection into the urethra.

What is the Calibration of urethra?

Ans: Calibration of the urethra is the procedure to restore the normal caliber of urethra … READ MORE

Is calibration required for each & every patient?

Ans: Calibration is required for each & every patient of Urethral stricture & BOO / BNO

Is calibration painful?

Ans: Minimal or no pain, sometimes little discomfort is felt by the patient.

Is anesthesia required for the calibration?

Ans: Local anesthesia with anesthetic gel is required.

Is there any risk or complication related to calibration?

Ans: Though the calibration is done very gently & carefully, in case of inflammatory strictures little bleeding may occur, which generally stops on its own.

Are there any side effects of Uttrabasti, medicines used, or calibration?

Ans: According to my experience of more than sixteen years, no side effects are still observed.

Do Uttarbasti & calibration affect sexual life?

Ans: No

Who should perform the procedure of Uttarbasti & Calibration?

Ans: Procedure of Uttarbasti & calibration should be performed by an expert and skilled doctor only.

Is hospitalization required for the treatment of Uttarbasti & calibration?

Ans: No.

Is the rest required after the treatment of Uttarbasti & calibration?

Ans: No rest is required and the patient can resume work on the same day.

How many sittings of Uttarbasti are required?

Ans: For most of the patients, it is a course of around 20 sittings on daily basis.

Do the results of Uttarbasti depend on site, size, and extent of urethral stricture?

Ans: The results of Uttarbasti are irrespective of site, size, and extent of stricture.

How are the results of Uttarbasti assessed?

Ans: Results of Uttarbasti are assessed clinically and by comparison between pre and post-treatment investigations like Urethrogram and Uroflowmetry.

What are the advantages of Uttarbasti over conventional surgical treatments?

Ans: Advantages of Uttarbasti … READ MORE

What precautions should be taken after Uttarbasti treatment?

Ans: Precautions to be taken after Uttarbasti … READ MORE

What is Balloon dilatation of urethra?

Ans: The procedure of dilatation of urethra using a Balloon catheter. It is done either under local anesthesia or under short general anesthesia … READ MORE

When is the Balloon dilatation advised?

Ans: Ballon dilatation is advised only in patients with a very tight stricture.

Is hospitalization required for Balloon dilatation?

Ans: No, it is a daycare procedure.

What are the causes of urethral stricture?

Ans: Causes of urethral stricture are … READ MORE

Can unsafe sex cause urethral stricture?

Ans: Yes

Can catheterization (use of a catheter to evacuate urine) cause urethral stricture?

Ans: Yes

Can trauma to urethra be a cause of urethral stricture?

Ans: Yes

Can circumcision / TURP be a cause of urethral stricture?

Ans: Yes

What are the signs and symptoms of urethral stricture?

Ans: Signs and symptoms of urethral stricture are … READ MORE

What is urethrography/urethrogram?

Ans: Urethrography is a radiological investigation … READ MORE

What is urethroscopy & cystoscopy?

Ans: An endoscope is inserted in urethra … READ MORE

What are the surgical treatments for urethral stricture?

Ans: Surgical treatments for urethral stricture are … READ MORE

What is urethral dilatation?

Ans: In urethral dilatation thin rods of different … READ MORE

What is urethrotomy (DVIU / VIU)?

Ans: Urethrotomy (DVIU / VIU) is endoscopic … READ MORE

What is urethroplasty?

Ans: Urethroplasty involves opening the urethra surgically … READ MORE

What is self-catheterization?

Ans: A 14F Nelaton catheter is used for self cath … READ MORE


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