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David Zimbeck – Age:35yrs – United States

My name is David Zimbeck, I’m 35 years old. In early 2018 I suffered a horrible injury to my bladder neck, urethra, and sphincters from air pressure from a floor based body drying device. It was very hard for everybody to believe this fact. I felt instant regret and pain around my bladder neck. It

Mr. David Zimbeck - Age: 35 yrs
United States

Wajid Hussain – Age:27yrs – United States

I was suffering from a stricture for over seven years. I had two Endoscopic Urethrotomy treatments, one in 2011 and one in 2013. The stricture reoccurred six months after the procedure in both instances. I went to India in March 2015 and stayed at Dr. Shahane’s clinic in Nadiad for three weeks. The treatment and stay was

Wajid Hussain - Age: 27 yrs
United States

Ayman Alshabi – Age:35yrs – Yemen

The problem started with me at the end of 2013; however it was managed with courses of antibiotics. The flow of urine further reduced & I did the RGU in February 2015, which showed that there is stricture in the urethra.   On 1st February 2015, I did internal urethrotomy and dilation for the stricture

Ayman Alshabi - Age: 35 yrs

Hilary Pais – Age:79yrs – Indian Administrative Service (Retd)

Three years back I was diagnosed for a urethral stricture. An urethrotomy was performed at a high-end healthcare facility at Bangalore. The procedure did not work and a few months thereafter, in March 2017, the stricture recurred. As a result, I was forced to undergo urethrotomy all over again. To my horror, this time, the

Hilary Pais - Age: 79 yrs
Indian Administrative Service (Retd)

JC Van Schalkwyk Age:30yrs - Cape Town-South Africa

Treated in - December 2018

Tejsing Dangi - Age : 89yrs - Mumbai

Treated in - February 2012

Ravi Dubey - Age : 29yrs - Jammu

Treated in - June 2020

Raghuram Raju - Age: 40yrs - West Godavari District (AP)

Treated in - December 2017
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