When the passage through which the urine passes out of our body gets narrowed, it is known as Urethral stricture. It happens due to the formation of scars in the passage. It causes several infections and swelling in the urinary tract.

If it is diagnosed and treated at the very beginning, a permanent cure is possible. Therefore, we are providing the best treatment for Urethral Stricture to cure it with its root cause.

Best Treatment For Urethral Stricture

Step 1: The doctors will try to identify the portion of the body with the infection’s seriousness. Pinpointing the root cause of urethral stricture is crucial to start the treatment.

Step 2: Then, the expert proceeds with the ayurvedic treatments. Following are the possible treatments of Urethral Stricture under Ayurveda.

1.     Uttarbasti

Highly efficient in treating urethral stricture. In this method, doctors use medicated oils like Kasi’s oil, Chandanbala tail, Apamarga Kashar oil, etc. These are applied in the urethral route of both males and females. Anesthesia is not required due to its no pain facility.

2.     Punarnava

Punarnava is another best treatment. It helps to minimize the number of fibrotic tissues, increasing the flow of renal blood. It is beneficial for the growth of healthy tissues.

3.     Gokshuradi Guggulu

It comprises Maricha, Musta, Gokshura, Triphala, Puppali, and so on. These play a vital role in strengthening the muscles of Mutra Marg i.e. uthera tube.

4.     Healthy Diet

No doubt, a healthy diet is always the best way to stay fit. Here is how you can cure urethral stricture with modification in your eating habits:

  • Mung dal, rice, sugar candy, coconut water, dates, etc., helps the digestive system work properly and reduces irritation.
  • Berries, coriander, cucumber, watermelon, plums, celery, etc., clear the bladder obstruction.
  • Ayurved always supports high drinking of water for the normal flow of urine.

5.     Avoid Unhealthy Food

  • Avoidance of excess consumption of meat should be considered.
  • Avoid ginger, fish, fried food, or any food with a hot effect.

6.     Lifestyle Changes

Some healthy habits can also benefit you as a cure for urethral stricture. Make sure that you follow the following points:

  • Make yourself free from alcohol.
  • Avoidance of excessive sex.
  • Bike riding, horse riding, or any excessive jerking of the body is not allowed.
  • Traveling short distances rather than a hectic journey.

7.     Herbs

Other than these, Chandraprabha Vatika, Gokshur, Usher, and Kanchanar Guggulu are healing herbs in Ayurveda to cure Urethral Stricture.

Ayurved does not involve any surgical methodology like urethroplasty that causes recurrence of urethral stricture. Other modern treatments may cause bleeding, fistula that may further support the structure to recur. Thus, Ayurved itself is the best treatment of Recurrent Urethral Stricture.

Brahma Ayurveda is specialized in Uttar Basti that cures your urethral stricture permanently.